Fashion Passion!

Honestly, if I could turn back time,I would be a personal shopper/ stylist.Not that I hate my job(I’m an eye doctor,specialist-in-training) but I would be shopping for a living! Like tell me what’s better than that!?!? Below are the reasons why I think I would be an awesome stylist:)

  1. I update myself with what’s hot and what’s not
  2. I don’t blindly follow fashion.I follow my heart.If you feel good n look good in it,go for it( even if it’s something from the 60s or 70s-you might not know you might just start a trend :))
  3. I accept constructive criticism with an open mind.( sometimes I may be wrong in my choices and I would really appreciate if ppl enlighten me on where I can improve )
  4. I am bold when it comes to fashion (but not over)
  5. I’m good in mixing and matching
  6. I’m really good in somehow finding items which make you look like a million bucks but are actually really inexpensive and affordable.
  7. I don’t follow the crowd( if they wear it,I either don’t or I wear it with a twist)
  8. I don’t shop at expensive places.I love small boutiques which sell one-of-kind outfits so you don’t bump into someone wearing the same thing!
  9. I don’t only focus on clothes, but hair,make up and shoes are equally important!
  10. I will teach u how to pose for the camera so that your best features are accentuated and your not-so-good features well-hidden;)

So there you go.It’s that long lost dream I have and will continue to have.Till then I will b happily styling myself,my baby girl and my hubs hehe.

Have a great day peeps!!

  Black striped mesh maxi skirt with pink mini lining(it’s not a bodycon dress I’m  wearing,the top and bottom are two separate pieces)-got this from a boutique in Raja Uda Butterworth long time ago,really can’t remember the name of the shop.RM70 plus.
Pair it with a simple tank top.Mine is from Moris,Queensbay Mall,RM15

Bag is from ASOS,S$32

Gold chunky statement necklace from Lovisa,RM25

Cape top from Acewin,RM20

Pencil skirt from Vanilla Ice Cream boutique,Kuchai Lama,RM49

Bag from ASOS,S$32  

White top from Vivo City Singapore,around S$20

Floral pencil skirt from Princess Diaries,Queensbay Mall Penang,RM59

Statement necklace from flea market,RM18

Off-shoulder top from Forever 21,RM30

High waisted maxi mermaid skirt from Malaysian Designer Rizman Ruzaini,RM80

Clutch and choker-gift from a friend

Metal belt from ASOS,S$30

Below is the choker upclose.I seriously felt like an Egyptian queen for a brief moment hehe.

White blazer from H&M

Navy blue tank top from Assign Tesco,RM15

Vintage denim peplum hem skirt from Etsy

Mango-coloured slingaback heels from Charles and Keith,RM130

Crop top from F Block,RM15

Pencil skirt from Topshop,RM60(discounted item)

T bar studded flats from sembonia,RM35

Denim with lace overlay pencil skirt from Vanilla Ice Cream boutique,Kuchai Lama,RM69

Tank top from Moris,Queensbay Mall,Penang-RM15

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