Riddles of the day:

1) If you can’t get rid of it, HIDE IT! 

  Answer: TUMMY😄

2) If you’ve got it, FLAUNT IT!


Today’s post is one of the most common questions people ask me.How did I lose my tummy so fast after delivery???!!!! 

Repeated questions which seriously saturate my grey matter:

What’s your secret???

You diet ah??

You don’t eat rice ah??

You work out is it???

You go for urut???

..and when I tell the truth( not boasting but it’s just the plain truth!) that there’s no secret(if there is I swear even I don’t know what the secret is) , I don’t diet, I eat a lot of junk food, my staple food is rice, I would love to work out and get nice abs but don’t have the time or maybe I’m just too busy making excuses to go to the gym, I couldn’t urut my tummy or use the slimming corset or whatever you call that coz I underwent Caesarian, people wouldn’t believe me. So I’ve learnt to shut up and smile and blame it on my good genes(which I think is the answer).

But I have to admit I drink at least 3L of water everyday.I don’t force myself, just a good habit I have cultivated for many years.Whether it helps in detox and maintaining my weight I really have no idea.

This was me one month after delivery 8 months ago.Trust me underneath that shocking pink skater dress is a shocking chunk of tummy I obviously couldn’t get rid off that soon.So what do I do? Hide it.Simple.Fast.Effective.But how?

  1. Wear skater dresses or skirts as they cinch above the waist and then flairs out.Eyes are focused to your waist creating an optical illusion of flat tummy when your tummy is actually much lower.     
  2. Peplum dresses, skirts or tops-They are simply another layer of material covering your tummy.Stylish and gets the job done! Oh not forgetting it gives you a nice hourglass figure and perky bum! Hehe.            
  3. Empire waistline- Cinches just below the breasts then flairs out.Would make great dinner dresses.  
  4. Ruched bodycon skirts (for smaller tummies)-the multiple folds conceals the  tummy shadow you will end up having when you stand under a light.And yes,it gives your a nice rear as well😜😜  


5.  Draped dresses  


6.  Swing dresses/ smock( even better with ruffles like the one in orange below)

7. Jeggings and stretchable jeans which sit just below the navel (mid rise) -The waistband presses on to your tummy and flattens it.

But be sure it’s not too tight as you might end up having a muffin top which is also accentuated with low-rise jeans!!!😣😣😳😨


8.  Wrap dresses  

9.  Flair tops (with skinny jeans) 

10.  Last but not least, wear a girdle or high waisted slimming panty- I know they are all expensive especially if you go get it from Triumph and all(would cost RM 150 plus)but you could really just get it from any normal no-brand boutiques for a much cheaper price.Got mine from one of the boutiques at Kuchai Lama(same row as F-block,seriously can’t remember the name of the shop) for RM20 only!As long as it gets the job done I’m happy! Why spend so much for something you’re not gonna use on a daily basis????


So that’s all folks! Hope this helps:) Do click ‘follow’ on my page for updates sent to your email!! 😊😊❤️




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