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The perks of being a working mother

I’m so so tired coz I haven’t slept well for the past 3 days.I am yawning away at work and caffeine just doesn’t do the trick all the time.On top of that I’m on call today but this is the only time I can get my rest hehehe..Hubs is also ‘on-call’ at home taking care of Baby Arielle❤️❤️ Yes I get some time for myself but I miss my baby😩😩


The perks of a working mother:

  1. You become totally independent
  2. You have more financial control- You don’t feel guilty about spending your spouse’s money.
  3. It gives you a sense of purpose- you don’t want to regret many years down the road that you should have taken that job or gotten that degree etc.
  4. Your child becomes more independent and would not be overly- Mothers who don’t have their own identity would find it difficult to separate from their child and let their child grow.
  5. You have a social life- You friends and colleagues are equally important.Having social connections and after-work activities keep your sanity at bay 🙂
  6. It forces your spouse to be involved in taking care of the kids.It’s really important for him to know what to do with the kids when you are not feeling well/emergency etc.
  7. You become a good role model to your kids. They learn about prioritizing, time management, decision-making and sacrifice.

Many people will make you feel guilty along the way that you are not spending enough time with your kids, you don’t care bla bla bla..but truth is I know a lot of kids who were brought up by stay at home moms and turned out to be brats and also a lot of full-time working mothers who brought up really excellent kids.It’s not the quantity of time which matters,it’s the QUALITY OF TIME. Not that I’m against stay-at-home moms coz they too might have their reasons of choosing to stop work.Just the mentality of some people about working mums throws me off the edge. Moreover, I have seen so many working women with successful careers and 3-4 kids who are also successful and well-mannered and I will be like ‘I wanna be that person who can do it all too! If they can do it so can I!!’ 😄😄 Remember you are not only working for yourself,but for your children’s future as well!

So back to my on call story.I always try to wear something bright and cheerful to beat the on call blues.hehe.

Got this peplum floral pencil skirt from ASOS for S$15 only!!!

Oh not forgetting I also met Datuk Rajagopal today!!  #legend

Lastly before I end for today(my eyes are severely drooping right now),would like to share my Siti Nurhaliza cover of one of my favourite songs Bukan Cinta Biasa 🙂

P/S: the owl eyes head gear(wearing Arielle’s one hehe)is just to cover my panda eyes lol.I did feel like a Marvel character for a bit.😎

Nite nite guys!!! 😘😘

2 thoughts on “The perks of being a working mother

  1. You’re such an inspiration for all young women out there! I’ll be getting married soon & i’ve been wondering how would i cope with my job and all if i had a child…reading your post was such an eye opener. Juz wondering though, do u hav a maid/babysitter to look after ur baby if both your hubby & u are at work at the same time? Cuz from what i’ve heard it’s really hard to look for realiable babysitters in KL. Juz wanna keep my options open to what i should be planning for/ looking at if i wanna hav a kid in future. Thanks babe!
    P/s: love ur skirt…so colourful!!!

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    1. Thank you so much dear! Means a lot to me 🙂 yup I do have a babysitter who lives 4 floors below me at my was really plain luck getting her coz it’s really convenient..but I’m sure there are a lot of reliable baby sitters out there in kl..lemme know ahead when u need one..I can help you ask me even I had a lot of naysayers saying bad things about baby sitters and how you can’t rely on them..that blood relation is always better..n it screwed up my mind seriously lol..but all u need to have is trust..follow your gut feeling and you will know for yourself when you meet your baby sitter whether she is reliable or not..another very important thing is a supportive spouse..if he is there to be for you at every nook and corner everything should be fine:) Marriage and motherhood is actually loads of fun if you look at the bright side of things in every situation dear! I wouldn’t have it any other way! Maybe I should write up an article about what I went thru post-delivery:) thanks for the idea babe!😘 good luck!


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