Spend less for more-Fusion mix and match! 

Traditional outfits are almost always very expensive and you usually wear them once or twice and after that wouldn’t want to repeat the outfits coz people have seen you in it or you’ve already posted the pics up on Fb or Instagram and you’ll end up buying more outfits and forget about the older ones.The cycle goes on.But what if you are able to mix and match outfits(tops and bottoms) so you don’t repeat the whole look? Not only you save money, but you also create a look different from the rest and trust me it’s so much FUN!! I have a few examples.

I paired this jacquard crop top( S$30 from ASOS) with this purple mermaid skirt( bought from one of the Malay boutiques near my hse for RM30).

Nude kitten heels peep toes from Natasha Handmade Shoes,RM50.SUPER COMFY I SWEAR!!!!!

And here’s another look with the same skirt..

Peplum jacquard top from a regular Malay boutique,RM30.

This scallop hem kebarung top is only RM30 and mermaid skirt is RM30 from one of the Shops at Tesco.Seriously, you don’t need to go to an expensive boutique for casual use.Any regular boutiques will do.

For this last look, I paired a peach Batik sarung( I actually got it stitched together with a chiffon top and paid RM30 for the whole set) with a peplum batwing top( bought from Moris,Queensbay Mall penang,RM35).Sometimes you don’t need to be all matchy matchy in colours.Boldly choose contrasting colours but easy to the eyes like this pale blue and peach 🙂

Happy mixing and matching ladies!!

Have an awesome day😘😘

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