Colour-blocking to the next level!

Colour of the day: CHARTREUSE. Many people don’t know what chartreuse is.Well,it’s a cross between lime green and yellow like this cropped top below.    This top is from ASOS, S$32 and chunky pearl necklace from a flea market,RM18    So today’s post is about bringing colour-blocking to the next level😄😄 Many people find it difficult to match this chartreuse top.Well let me show you how.Seriously,enough with them boring safe colours like black,brown,grey,khaki and white. Add more vibrant colours to your look! All you need is one bright colored top,3 basic pairs of shoes(I love pointy ones !!) like these champagne-coloured heels and striped heels from Natasha Handmade Shoes and these fluorescent pink heels from ASOS.And not forgetting this chunky pearl necklace which can do wonders to an outfit!  This floral pencil skirt with from split is from ASOS,S$18 only!!!!! Super cheap for such good material and fitting!!!! I’m wearing all UK6 btw.If you’re wearing a bright top and printed bottom,keep heels nude and accessories minimal.   If you’re pairing this top with a plain coloured skirt, add a belt OR a statement necklace,NOT BOTH coz that would be totally overdoing it!          If your skirt is monochrome,you can pull off bright coloured heels.You should only wear TWO ‘statement’ items or pieces at a time to not end up looking like a circus freak.  For this look I chose my two statement pieces to be my top and clutch bag👇👛 Btw this wide-leg pants is from ASOS.Totally gives me the 70s vibe hehe😎   Peg trousers from POP, Jaya One.RM59. That’s all folks!! Hope you guys like my ideas and tune in for more fashion updates!!!have a great Sunday!!😘😘

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