When a necklace speaks louder than words.

Statement necklaces simply adds oomph to any piece of outfit.But if worn with the right neckline/collar,correct length, with or without other superadded accessories and of course with the right amount of confidence. In today’s post let me share with you where to get the cheapest/ unique necklaces and how to wear them:)

Let me start off with the expensive ones I bought a long time back mainly from Lovisa.They’re all around 50-70 bucks(to me it’s expensive but to some it may not be??)


This chunky pearl necklace can suit almost any kind of neckline.I like it worn with an off-shoulder top or tube-top as it is accentuated over bare skin. 👆👆

This fluorescent yellow beaded necklace is best worn with rounded or U-shaped neckline and sometimes boat-neck even.Well I’ve just come to realise this green U-neck top suits basically every kinda necklace.By the end of this post you’ll understand why!!

Add a pop of colour to a dull plain top by wearing vibrant chunky necklaces.The following pics will speak for themselves👇👇

Ok so Lovisa stops here.

This moon-shaped necklace below is from a random boutique in Penang costing about RM25.Nice if worn with such collar or below collared shirts.

This layered colourful beaded necklace is from Amcorp mall ground floor flea market(only open on Fridays-Sundays).And guess what!? It’s only RM15!!👇

This white long beaded necklace is also from Amcorp Mall,RM15,best worn with V-shaped neckline like this kebaya top.

This lovely fuschia necklace is RM10 from Amcorp mall!!!!

It can be worn lower for a higher neckline(like with the polka dot top) and can also be worn higher for a lower neckline(green top).👇👇

This choker necklace is best worn with a rounded/U-shaped neckline-simply because a choker ‘chops’ the length of your neck and you may end up looking like you have shorter neck,therefore you need to create a longer-neck ‘illusion’ by wearing something baring some skin below the necklace.
This layered pearl necklace can be worn underneath a collared shirt for a change.RM13 from Tropicana City Mall.

This simple pearl necklace for everyday use is from Mirrorcle,RM16 
FRINGE NECKLACES!!!! 😍😍😍 Got these from ASOS 
That’s all folks!! Hope you learnt something from today’s post!! Have a great day lovelies😘😘


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