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Look good and feel good at all costs! 

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

-Tom Ford-

Good morning lovely people!

Today’s post is about the importance of dressing well and it’s associations with the quality of your mood and subsequently your day.

Clothing is probably one of the most underestimated items when it comes to how it can affect the quality of your thoughts.Allow me to elaborate.

Ok.Let’s be honest,when we meet someone for the first time we ALWAYS make a first impression about the person.Physically.The first 30 seconds of one’s impression is based on the way they are dressed and how they carry themselves.This is a debatable topic though.Many say that they want to be respected and loved for their personality,not their looks.Well, it’s far easier to dress to be respected VS. dressing down hoping to be respected later.I’m not suggesting that you get branded tailor-made suits and such but dress up and look PRESENTABLE head to toe. A man in a well-tailored suit always gets treated better than some guy who puts on a t-shirt and frumpy pants.An more importantly,if you dress well and look presentable,it shows that you respect yourself and you take the effort to take care of yourself.In return,people respect you and take care of you.How much effort you take in taking care of yourself gives others an idea of how much you would take care of them.What you are and depict to others, you will attract more of that same kind of behaviour.

Mark Twain once said, ‘Clothes Maketh a Man’. How you present yourself says a lot about you.Your style is something which speaks for you without you having to open your mouth.It’s a non-verbal communication at work,functions or special occasions of telling the world who you are.The fact of the reality is that we live in a visually oriented world, and people think what they see is what they get.Respect,confidence and self-empowerment can all start with your diligence to your apparel.

Within your wardrobe lies the secrets to looking good and feeling great.

Dressing up well is an instant mood booster.You don’t only feel good,you tend to pass that positive feel-good energy to those around you.When people compliment you on how good you look it further boosts your confidence.When you look good and feel good, you tend to perform at a much much higher level in your personal and professional life. #FACT

When you feel down,wear something that would lift you up like a really nice flattering  bright coloured dress or a well tailored shirt and pants.Dress as though you are feeling good.I promise you it impacts on your sel-esteem and helps shift you from a negative to a positive perspective. A lot of people dress ACCORDING TO their mood status,like wearing dark coloured frumpy baggy clothes on a bad day.Why worsen your mood? It’s time to change your thinking!

The other significance of clothes is that they work almost like photographs.Our minds are so intricate in remembering certain occasions to certain clothes.They bring back memories of a certain special  moment in your life like an amazing holiday or what you wore when you passed your finals.Or they also bring nostalgia to a bad break up or job interview gone wrong.You want to clear the clutter from your life and mind,throw out those ‘negative’ clothes first and start filling your wardrobe with uplifting flattering clothes to boost your self-esteem.

Dressing well does not mean spending a lot.There are so many ways you can get a whole look for a really really affordable price and the trick is to mix and match your clothes so you can keep wearing the same pieces but in different ways.I don’t shop at branded stores as I really don’t think it’s worth the money.With that same amount of money spent on one expensive branded dress I would rather get 5 different non-branded outfits and still look good.

These are the places I usually shop at:

Pop,Jaya One

Isetan(Mid Valley/Gardens)


Random boutiques at Kuchai Lama(same row as BB Store)

*The pics I’ve uploaded are a few of my outfits I usually wear to work or out.If you have any enquiries on those outfits you can pm me 🙂




**FUN FACT: Did you know that people who wear blue tend to have the most success in job interviews and sales calls?

That’s all folks! Hope these tips have helped you in one way or another! CHEERS!❤️😘✌️

No matter how you feel in life, get up, dress up and don’t give up!

2 thoughts on “Look good and feel good at all costs! 

  1. You are stylish and inspiring. Your wardrobe is practical for daily living, which is what attracted me to your instagram account (actually recommended by a friend). This is a good article and I agree with your opinion. Dressing well is a form of good manners, indeed. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to more posts from you.


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