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Healthy yummy banana yogurt smoothie!

I chose this over roti canai today😁 My morning energy smoothie-Banana yogurt with Oreo,rolled oats and a sprinkle of chia seeds❤️ It’s so so yummy I promise you! And super easy to make! Here’s the recipe:
I used: 

Pristine Rolled Oats 


Greek yogurt(Low fat& creamy)

Frozen bananas 

Chia seeds 
Btw I bought all of these via Tesco online and they delivered to my house the next day,no delivery charges.(Coz I hate queueing up for provision!) 
1) Cut one banana into 4 sections or smaller and freeze them overnight.

2) Add a lil bit of ice water into the blender before all other ingredients to ensure smooth blending.

3) Add 2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt.

4) Add frozen banana(which you have already cut into sections the night before).Add the bananas bit by bit coz they are frozen,you will jam your blender if you add altogether!

5) Add about 2-3 tablespoons of rolled oats and 2 Oreos (depends how much you want.I love it crunchy! And so I don’t blend till fine)

6) Pour into cup and sprinkle a bit of chia seeds and rolled oats on top.
*I also love my smoothie thick and creamy and that’s why I chose Greek yogurt which is creamier than regular yogurt and also if you don’t freeze the bananas your smoothie will be watery.

Not only this is healthy and rich in fiber from the oats,it gives you energy as well from the bananas,so now I don’t depend on my morning coffee!!Plus chia seeds is a potent antioxidant as well and yogurt gives you all the healthy bacteria called probiotics😎 Make sure to buy yogurt with the ‘Live culture’ logo.
Enjoy guys!!! ✌️🌟😉

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