Invest In Thyself.

In my opinion, there are 3 things in life which are never a waste:
1) Knowledge/education
2) Experience/mistakes
3) Your health

I know we’ve all heard a lot about famous ppl who dropped out of college and became superstars or successful entrepreneurs. But that doesn’t mean you should be doing that too. I know there may be some people who really wanted to study but couldn’t afford college or Uni but that’s not the end of the road. Upgrade yourself as much as possible in other ways. Find what you’re good at and be excellent at it, on how you can make profit out of it.
Network with people from different fields of work and just keep learning. And then don’t stop there. Make sure you don’t allow the same to happen to your kids-to never deny them of their education. Read motivational books. Lots of them. Watch educational videos. Pick up a new language. If you go looking for a job, what extra do you have to offer that no one else has? We live in a era where it’s so saturated in every field that you have to have an ‘edge’. Or I’d like to call it the ‘X factor’😄 And then comes experience and mistakes-never ever say ‘I should’ve’ or ‘what a waste of time,I failed at it anyways’.For all my past experiences,good or bad, I promise you I have gained something good out of it and became a stronger better person. Many tell me too, after failed relationships, that they’ve wasted so much years of their life being with the wrong person.But you need that in order for you to appreciate the right person who walks into your life.Every person is sent to you to motivate,teach you a lesson and to indirectly help you grow. It’s never a waste. Lastly, health. Ppl complain that it’s so expensive to spend on organic food and supplements, maintaining well-being and all.Many take they health for granted.But you know what’s more expensive than that? Future medical bills and hospitalizations. The emotional & physical damage upon your family when they find out you’re ill because of unhealthy lifestyle like smoking,excessive drinking,eating junk and fast food & never exercising.
Your body is the only place you have to live in,no one else can take care of it better than you.🙏

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