inspirational · kids

It’s okay to say NO to hugs.

Feel obliged to share this as it is quite a common scenario I see everywhere.

 “Hug Uncle! Ok ok good girl,come on hug uncle!”

“Ok kiss Aunty quick! I won’t give you ice cream if you don’t kiss Aunty!”
 Sounds familiar?
Respect a child’s decision however young they are. They should feel like they genuinely want to hug or kiss someone. Never force! Doesn’t mean they don’t hug your family or friends means they are not loving or they are disobedient. They too ought to feel comfortable at what they are doing. They too ought to feel they deserve to make their own choices. 
1) Ask whether they would like to give someone a hug. NOT DEMAND them to give a hug.

2) Give them ALTERNATIVES like flying kisses or wave goodbye.

3) To not offend family or friends, inform them of what you are doing-that you are honoring your children’s decisions. It’s respecting their bodies and choices they make. 



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