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My experience on juice cleansing!

So I’ve always wanted to try a detox program to clear out all the toxin build-up in me for some time now and finally I’ve mustered the courage to do it with juice cleansing. I realised that I’ve been super tired and lethargic lately and also I would wake up every morning having body ache. I would drink coffee in the morning only to keep myself awake. My eyes would be wide open but I know my body is lethargic as hell. My food intake is moderate, I don’t skip meals but I don’t eat the most nutritious food either(my fav is Nasi Lemak for breakfast!). And on top of that I don’t exercise. I knew I had to do something about it because keeping myself awake with coffee is just masking the symptoms that I was having. Let me share with you some of the most common symptoms you can identify to show that you might need a detox:


Body ache

Bloating/abdominal discomfort


Muscle ache

Flare up of sinus attacks


Foul-smelling stools / bad breath

Poor sleep

Poor concentration and focus

Poor memory

Dark circles under your eyes

Flare up of eczema/ psoriasis

Trouble losing weight


Food cravings

Menstrual problems

Sounds familiar? Ever had any of this frequently? So what do you do when you get these symptoms? Do you rather treat the symptom or correct the underlying cause? I chose the latter. And to be honest, I had 10 out of the 17 symptoms mentioned above. That’s not good! So I tried juice cleansing- the most gentle yet effective and widely used technique to detox. Just like how your phone lags when you have 20k photos stored in your memory and too many apps, you have to clear up the space or best to reformat your phone, am I right? Same concept. I knew I had to reboot. Just when I was looking around on which company to try the juices from, this new company called Juicify from KL approached me to try out their product. So I started on 14/12/16(Wed) with 6 bottles each day for 3 days. Meaning one bottle every 2 and a half hours (1st bottle at 9am and last bottle at 9.30pm). Remember to drink at least 2L of water daily. Not only it helps flush out toxins, it keeps you fuller too.

Let me just brief you guys a little about the importance of a detox. The natural process of detoxification in a healthy body should run smoothly. But since we’re living in an era where we can’t avoid pollution and toxins from entering our body, we become toxic. It’s not a matter of who’s toxic and who’s not. It’s who’s more toxic than the other. This includes external and internal toxins. External like environmental pollutants from air, food, water and chemicals(even your face and hair products!) and internal toxins such as molecules that have served their purpose in the body and need to be removed (e.g. Ammonia from protein metabolism, neurotransmitters from nervous system, by-products from immune system).

Your liver is one of the most important detox organs in your body, others being gut, skin, kidneys. If the toxins have reached a saturated level and if there is too much of load on your liver it will block its normal functions to transform toxins into safe substances that can be eliminated in urine and stool. As a result, you get toxin build-up and your body’s detoxification process gets compromised.

So here’s my detailed experience for each day of my detox:

Day 1(14/12/16, Wed):

-Super excited! Started 1st bottle at 9am sharp. Super yummy, not too sweet,pleasant taste!

-11.30am: 2nd bottle, going good. No symptoms but slight food craving thanks to my staff who was eating nasi lemak at that time 😒

-Key is to keep yourself busy and distracted. Don’t think too much about it.

-surprisingly no headache from coffee withdrawal. YES!!!!

-Evening approaches and food craving is skyrocketing😭😭 I usually have my teh tarik and roti canai with hubby after work,now I just watch him eat and I sip on my water and tell myself Don’t Give Up!!!! And that I’m stronger than my cravings!!!!! Mind over matter Revady!!!!

-1st day completed and after my last bottle at 9.30pm, I’m already sleepy by 10pm. Off to bed.💤😴😴💤💤

Day 2(15/12/16,Thurs):

-Okay, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time.

-feel super fresh and rejuvenated, bodyache gone.

– Lesser food cravings today

– still no nasty symptoms

– Generally feel much happier and less cranky.(so hubby also very thankful😂😂)

Day 3 (16/12/16,Fri):

-Last day!!!!

– feel even more energized although I have been on a low calorie diet.

-More focused and alert

-No more food cravings!

– Toilet habits for the past 3 days superb! Hehe. You think you wouldn’t pass motion because you did not eat anything but you’d be surprised at how much of crap you still have in your body even if you don’t eat. That’s coz the juice cleanse clears out all the old faecal mater from the intestinal clefts and pockets which was probably releasing all the unwanted toxins all these while!

-feel much lighter! Loss 1kg. (Disclaimer: this is not a weight loss program. The weight that you lose is most likely the water retention that you lost and it’s perfectly normal to lose weight in this process.)

Important points:

1) If at all you can’t stand hunger(due to high metabolism and fluctuating sugar levels) during the detox you can opt to consume small portions of fruits and vege in between whether raw, boiled,steamed etc but as long as it’s fruits and vege.

2)You may feel some discomfort during the first 2 days like headache, bad breath, skin breakouts, bowel habit changes due to withdrawal of caffeine, sugar, alcohol but that’s an indicator that toxins are being flushed out or your body is undergoing a withdrawal.

3)Drink lots of water!

4) Minimum duration for detox is 3 days to feel a difference. You can go up to 7-10 days based on how your body is taking it. Never push yourself too much! If unsure, pls seek doctor’s advice.

5) Avoid vigorous exercises during this period. Brisk walk is fine.

6) You need lots of discipline to do this. Trust me, after the 3 days you’ll feel a sense of personal achievement and you need a well-deserving pat on the back!👏🏼👏🏼 Wanna test your will-power? Go on a juice cleanse! Hah!

All in all, I felt amazing after that 3 days juice cleanse. I would highly recommend this detox method to anyone but for those with medical problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart problem etc kindly see a medical doctor and seek advice before you embark on this detox journey.

For those who would love to try this out,you can contact them at @juicifyffl on Instagram or visit their website . Their juices contain pure fruits and vege,cold-pressed, no added water or sugar.

Good luck guys! 

4 thoughts on “My experience on juice cleansing!

    1. Hi Reena. Yes you can blend your own fresh fruits and vege and make your own concoction of juices and divide into 6 servings per day. You can find lots of videos on YouTube on how you can make your own juices for detox 🙂


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