Almond milk from Juicify!

My kinda almond milk- Raw almonds + Organic honey + Himalayan salt + Mineral water + vanilla from @juicifyffl 😍😍 Almond milk is high in energy, proteins, fiber and low in fat. It’s a great option for those who are vegetarians and those who do not consume any dairy products(e.g. Lactose intolerant/ cows-milk allergy). Almond milk also keeps your heart healthy, regulates muscle strength and growth, promotes healthy skin and is a great immunity booster together with honey! I’m not a great fan of milk(whether it’s powdered or cows milk) since young but this is just yummmmyyyyy! Taste is just nice and so much of goodness in just one bottle!😍 Highly recommended👍🏼👍🏼Get yours today!

To enquire more kindly DM @juicifyffl on Instagram or click on the link in their bio. 

Website link :

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