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Skin Myths busted + My Basic Skincare Regime 


It’s pretty simple actually.

1) Cleanse

2) Tone

3) Moisturize

4) Sunblock

I can tell you that 95% of people who comes to me for skin consultation(especially acne/ oily skin) either:

1) Skip sunblock because they claim they are working indoors and not exposed to the sun (Never ever do that!)

2) Overwash their face / use harsh products thinking the more oil they remove off their face the better it is (wrong!)

3) Do not hydrate their skin enough because they think they should skip moisturizer if they have oily skin

Let me bust 3 of the above mentioned myths.

Sunblock is an essential part of your daily regime . Many people think that sunblock is just used if you are physically under the sun/heat to prevent yourself from getting burnt/ darker. That is partly true. But more importantly, it shields your skin from harmful UV rays. UV rays can still pass through some glass windows especially if you are sitting by the window at office even if they are tinted. UV rays are the strongest between 10am-4pm.

It’s a myth that the more foamy your cleanser is, the cleaner your face is. Some use soap bars to wash their face because of the tightening effect you get after washing. If your face feels dry and itchy or irritated after washing, you might be a case of overwashing. Opt for a non-soap cleanser instead. I highly recommend Cetaphil’s Gentle Cleanser which is suitable for all skin types. All of my acne patients came back giving amazing reviews about this cleanser.

Having oily skin does not always mean you are suffering from oily skin type. Some cases of ‘oily’ skin is an indication that your skin is **dehydrated and your body has signaled your oil glands to produce more sebum to keep your skin surface moisturized. And if you misinterpret that as oily skin type, you might end up using strong foamy cleansers and harsh products to remove oil from your face and that in turn causes a vicious cycle dehydrated skin and even more sebum production. Reality is, you should be HYDRATING your face to solve the underlying problem. So do hydrate your face with a moisturizer and choose a water-based gel formula with lightweight consistency. You will notice less oil being produced over time.

**skin dehydration is not the same as your body being dehydrated from lack of water. Why people relate drinking lots of water to good skin is because it removes toxins(toxin build up can lead to skin problems) from your body but it does not directly hydrate your skin. Common causes of skin dehydration: Overwashing of face, harsh facial products/scrubs, frequently used strong clarifying clay masks, skipping moisturizer.

**Dehydrated skin is not the same as dry skin. Dehydrated skin is a temporary reversible condition, dry skin is a skin type. Dry skin is usually flaky, peeling and rough. With dehydrated skin you can have apparently normal looking/oily skin.

**Dry skin type may be due to eczematous skin problems, allergy, autoimmune diseases or due to some underlying medical problems. Kindly consult your physician.

There are many great products out there for different skin types so whatever products you are using if you are comfortable with them, keep using. Try to avoid jumping from one product to another in a short period of time. Your skin will be confused.

Just to highlight the main points of this post:

1) Emphasize on cleansing (and double-cleansing at night), toning, moisturizing and apply sunblock.

2) It is very important what kind of consistency of products you use (dry skin: creamy texture moisturizer and sunblock, oily/combination skin: water-based gel formula moisturizer and sunblock)

3) Be observant about the kind of reactions you get from products. It could either be too harsh or you are allergic to it.

4) If you get the basics right, you might not even have to spend so much on buying expensive products.

Hope you guys enjoyed my post/ video. Have a great day guys and stay your beautiful self always!❤❤🌈🌈



Disclaimer: This blog post is not served as medical advice.Some skin conditions need more intensive treatments on top of basic skin care. They could also be related to underlying medical conditions. I strongly suggest to consult your dermatologist/ physician. This is also not a sponsored post.

“Good skin is the best makeup base. Take good care of it, you’re going to wear that for the rest of your life.”

6 thoughts on “Skin Myths busted + My Basic Skincare Regime 

  1. So happy to see a post which is not sponsored by any beauty product companies. Thank you for your honest opinion. I’m 22 this year and I don’t have any skin care routine. But now I regret it so much because I’m still having acne scars that I’ve got since I was in secondary school… And this acne scars make my face look darker. It’s so weird when all other parts of my body is so much fairer than my face (including my hands). So, if you don’t mind, can you suggest me a good product that treats acne scars? Thank you so much in advance for your reply. Keep posting more posts like this! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! It’s my pleasure dear. It’s never too late to start a simple skin routine. There are many great products even at drugstores. As for the acne scars I will be posting up a video really soon as many others did request for it. Have a great day dear!

      Liked by 1 person

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