Kindness is not a weakness.

This post is yet another reason why I started blogging. When you see the word ‘kindness’, most of us think ‘Do charity’, ‘donate’, ‘give food to a beggar’, ‘help someone in need’ etc. Yes these are all good but these are visually obvious situations where you help because you KNOW they are in need of help. But what about showering kindness towards those whom we often overlook? Like those at home. Those who look fine on the outside. Even moral support or just being there to listen is kindness.We often go the extra mile to help others on the roads but neglect the ones next to us.Charity begins at home. If you have not started kindness from where you stand, almost always the ‘kindness’ you shower outside of home isn’t always very genuine. Most do it to satisfy their soul just to feel like they have done something good. 

Kindness shouldn’t be thought about, it should be automatic without expecting gratitude. It should be practised on a daily basis until it becomes a part of you. An involuntary act-like breathing or how your heart beats.

Also, why I say kindness is NOT a weakness is because you require the most strength when you are kind to an unkind person. I still remember controlling myself so hard when I first practiced being nice to someone unkind. I give you my word, it comes easier with practice. And once you see results, you wouldn’t wanna get back to square 1 where you started. I promise you, you will keep going. Many people think that that’s being weak, not bold, not standing up for yourself etc, but that is actually STRENGTH. I have many stories of people whom have changed unexpectedly just by changing the way I communicate with them or the way I decipher things. Those moments when others choose to avoid unkind people, I took it as a challenge to soften their edges and I am so blessed to be able to see the most beautiful side of them. The side which others overlooked. I dare say that because not only this has changed them, but it has changed me as well.

I have shared in this video (seriously didn’t realize it’s 20 mins long in total!!😅) some of my stories on dealing with people/ situations and these are all genuinely from my heart, not from any books or websites. I preach only when I practice them. And when I say practice, I am STILL practicing, meaning I still make mistakes, I am still learning, I still feel, as I am only human. I am not perfect but I do know how far I have come in becoming a much better person now 🙂

👇🏼Pls ignore the part I said I’ll make this quick as I thought I could upload this on instastories. I obviously couldn’t coz it ended up being too long!😂​​​​

​Case 1: Try bringing out the best in people. These are not unkind people but people you know that have potential to be better. Those worth spending your time, effort and goodness on. In this case, I practice applauding someone in public as kindness.

​​​Case 2: Don’t waste time trying to change people who you know are just plain toxic. You can only control your reaction towards them. Still, give them the benefit of doubt (I practice benefit of doubt as a form of kindness towards unkind people) for the sake of your peace of mind and so you can move on. Having grudges and taking things personally will only ruin you.

​​​Case 3: In this video I practice kindness on the road by blessing strangers without them knowing. Everyone who does me good, whether it’s slowing down and giving me way, those who wave and smile, etc I say quietly, “God bless you (Num plate)”. Even if they don’t give way and show sour face, I will still say “God bless you”.
I hope you guys enjoyed my very very impromptu video (just came back home after work, put on the movie ‘Sing’ in the hall for my daughter so I can film this video in my room😁).

Anyways, I have more faith in goodness & humanity now because I choose to look for those in people despite what I see on the outside. How else are we going to change the world if we don’t start with ourselves? A little bit goes a long way. 😊 Please do let me know if my posts have helped you in some way or another! Would love to hear from you guys! Have a great day!😘 

Remember, YOU decide how your day is going to turn out, don’t let your day decide how you are going to turn out.😉


Revady ❤

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