Being the best version of yourself is an act of self-love❤

Only until you fully accept who you are, how you look, what you have and how much you have, only then will you stop comparing yourself with others. All I ask myself is “Am I the best version of myself at this very moment?” My answer is “Yes.” It may not be the best version of myself in all my living years combined yet, but at this very moment, YES! That I have done all in my power and capabilities to be what I am today. 

Even if there’s a more beautiful or more successful woman walking beside me, I don’t feel the need to be threatened or be competitive, because I have done my best from where I stand. I choose to feel inspired instead. They are running their own race and I am running my own race. You both are not running together on the same track. When they run, you cheer. When you run, they cheer. You cannot compare apples and oranges. When you do your very best every minute and you wouldn’t want it any other way, that is your best version right there. No regrets. 

 If your other half loses interest in you, ask yourself, have you been the best version of yourself(whether it’s looks, keeping fit, achievements etc) and give everything you can offer to them (your role in their life) without losing your integrity and dignity? If the answer is yes, and they still lose interest in you, you know it’s not your fault. You will be frustrated,yes, but take it as a learning curve. You have done and been your best, and that gives you peace. It prevents you from one day saying “I should’ve taken care of myself”, “I should’ve been more hardworking”, “I wished I did more.” 

Being the best version of yourself is an act of self-love. Be authentic. There’s no one else like you and that is your power.❤ Good day to you lovelies!🌈🌈

Pic source: Pinterest

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