Brooding about a problem is the problem!

Learning from past mistakes is essential, to identify where you can improve and progress. That’s how you level up. Brooding about a problem is the problem. It doesn’t give you a solution. You just think deeply about a situation that really makes you unhappy and dig a lil deeper everyday until you reach a point of depression. Everyone has problems. But what happens when you don’t face them and settle them there and then? They accumulate and grow by the day and slowly engulf you.

1) Identify and acknowledge your problems. (Write down on a piece of paper-Visualization sinks better into your head)

2) Rearrange those problems into a priority list-based on which one has a higher chance of being easier to solve first followed by the rest) and the date on which you aim to accomplish them. 

3) Work towards each of it ONE BY ONE. If you’re working on problem Num 1, don’t brood about problem Num 7 or 8! Focus your full attention on that ONE PROBLEM. This does not mean you should drop everything else you do on a daily basis. Learn how to manage your time.

4) Each time you accomplish one problem, cancel it out on the paper> It gives a ‘Sense of achievement’

5) From time to time if you feel the need to rearrange your list, go ahead and do it, but key is to HAVE A LIST. Having everything floating in your head is just avoiding the problems or procrastinating.

Brooding is toxic. Worrying and complaining isn’t going to take you anywhere except backwards. Famous successful entrepreneur @garyvee once said in a talk show,”Brooding about what went wrong is the fastest way for the next thing NOT to work.” When asked how many mistakes he made in his past, he said he did not keep track as he was too busy MOVING FORWARD. 

Have a great Thursday!🌟🌟 

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