Peace from within. 

Everyone has good and evil in them. By evil, it does not necessarily mean doing harm unto others. It can be as simple as self-doubt, judging your actions, not caring for yourself and putting yourself down. That voice in your head assuming you can’t do it, you are not worthy, you are incapable and weak. All those are evil thoughts messing with your head. The biggest battle we ever have to fight is the battle within ourselves. How and what we can do to suppress that voice. Those things happening around you, your family, relationship, colleagues, friends, etc are not entirely in your control. But you and your attitude towards those things, you have full control of. When you focus on creating peace within yourself (in a selfless way), I can assure you one thing, your surrounding will change. Identify what are those things holding you back, preventing you from growing or expanding your true self. Let them go. Peace is not found, it’s created. The process of creating peace within you requires a lot of commitment and determination. You will only find happiness when you are at PEACE. Otherwise, all those happiness that you get are just transient. Peace be with you!❤❤🌈🌟.

.Pic source: Pinterest

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