Gratitude over Guilt. 🙏🏼❤️

Lesser guilt, more gratitude💯

Speaking about positive perspectives, 2017 was a year of me practicing gratitude. I spoke a few times on my page and instastory about my gratitude book and even mentioned that ‘bad stuffs’ make an entry in it too. I’ve been asked many times “Why and how is it that we should be grateful for a bad stuff”? It is simply a shift of perspectives, your mind and attitude. For example, if there’s a person who has hurt me or was really rude to me, instead of channeling my entire energy to be revengeful and angry, I immediately write in my book “Thank you God for this encounter with ….. It is because of that that I know what not to do unto others. Thank you for keeping me calm and composed at times like this and for helping me to be wiser. Please bless and forgive him/her.” Done. (why bless and forgive? Because troubled souls lack most in love. Give it to them.) Not only you have channelled your energy into something positive, your mind is now more calm and at peace. You simply learn from it (so it does not repeat itself) and move on. I know initially it might be difficult but with practice, you seriously become a person of just love and light. This is in no way going to change you into someone submissive or allow people to step on you. It makes you a stronger person because only the strong are able to forgive. Choose love. Hatred, anger and revenge are too much of a burden to bear, are they not? Don’t wait for a huge achievement or success to be grateful. It is not difficult to be grateful for a good thing that happened, so now challenge yourself to do the same for unfortunate events. Remember, every challenge is a chance for you to grow. Start today by having positive perspectives in every bad situation and watch your life unfold. Less complaining and sympathy-seeking, more gratitude and accountability!❤️🌟🌈 Have a great day peeps!

Lots of Love,


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