What you give your energy to determines your outcome.

The story I’m going to share today is something that happened quite a while ago and I felt like sharing it today. One day after I have reached home after a good day at work, I checked my insta notifications and realised that someone liked one of my old videos (posted about 1 year ago) and I just felt like viewing that video again(it was me singing a Tamil song, I was fully aware it wasn’t excellent but still posted for the love of singing). I went to the comment section just to see if I missed any comments and I saw one last comment unread (not by the same person who liked the video. It has been there all along since about 36 weeks ago and I happen to miss it). This person said that I killed the song and also added some frustrated and angry emojis.

The first thing that I felt was that I was not affected by it nor did I find the need to explain myself. I only remember feeling ‘wow this is how much I’ve progressed in anger-control.’ I used to be so angry at negative comments before and have been tempted to reply nastily but this time I wasn’t tempted to do so. I just said ‘Thank you for your feedback. God bless you’ and I genuinely meant that without any underlying negative emotions. All I’m trying to say is, sometimes certain things may seem negative and you perceive it as it trying to ruin your day but really, it all depends on how you perceive it. Some things happen just to show you how far you’ve progressed. They happen to help you reflect on what you still need to work on yourself in terms of controlling emotions and reactions (without suppressing yourself). If that random follower did not like my video I wouldn’t have viewed it and wouldn’t have come across another random person’s negative comment (which was there all along and I believe I happen to miss it for a reason, because I was still not ready to see it yet perhaps). And if I did not see that comment that day I wouldn’t have known how far I’ve progressed in controlling my anger. If I were to overreact on that, I would’ve ruined a good day. Had I not been mindful about the whole thing, I wouldn’t even have dissected the whole situation and analysed it profoundly. Which means it also made me realise that all my mindfulness readings I’ve been doing and practising were not in vain.

Please understand that every single scenario that happens in our lives are case to case basis. There are definitely cases where I need to freely express myself and put my foot down but this was not one of those moments because my gut instinct said it’s not. It whispered to me that this is my ‘progress report’. I was proud of myself. If you’re wondering that people like that should be ‘given off’ to their faces all the time, I have a simple theory for you to remember by author Lao Tzu-“Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” Because, evil cannot thrive when you starve it of what it feeds on. You give it your energy, your attention and reciprocation, it flourishes because that is exactly what it yearns for.

Also, your frequency should vibrate so high that negative beings question their own intentions, motives and existence when they’re in your vicinity. If they’re lucky, they might crave to be at the same wavelength as you as they don’t feel like they belong where they are. If they are not ready, they just move away because they feel they don’t belong where you are. Meaning, you just do your thing and stay at your frequency, others will adjust. So back to the story, remember that life is not always challenging you, sometimes it is to update you on your ‘report card’- what needs more work on and what you’ve passed with flying colours. Don’t take life too seriously(by overthinking and getting stressed out unnecessarily) but take life serious enough to keep learning and evolving. ❤️🌸🙏🏼🌟

Lots of love,


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