Do what you love and love what you do❤️ That’s all that matters!

I used to look at my specialists and consultants at work during housemanship and wonder how can people work 24-7 and feel like they are living a good life. As I grew older, I realised what’s important is the dedication put into their work. There are really no one-size-fits-all kind of job or lifestyle, some enjoy a routine 9-5 job and they are contented, some enjoy working back-to-back and overtime, some enjoy being their own boss and have freedom of time, some enjoy doing charity or voluntary work. It all boils down to you loving what you do. Every job has its pros and cons and each of us made choices to suit our interests, lifestyle, values and priorities. If we ridicule and make fun of those who work long hours and if everyone quit their 9-5 or shift jobs, there won’t be surgeons to wake up middle of the night to attend to you when you need them for an emergency, we won’t have people serving you liquor at your favourite bar at 2am, we won’t have operators attending to our complaints on the phone middle of the night because we noticed a scam, and we won’t have nurses attending to our loved ones in the hospital. Sometimes, it’s not all about living the ‘high-life’, some people are just happy choosing the path that they’ve chosen because it is fulfilling to them. Some have chosen to give back to society and that is their purpose in life. Some have to support their family and maybe the path they chose is just temporary till they pursue their dreams later on. Let’s be grateful to one another and respect each other’s decisions because no one job is more superior than another. Everyone plays a crucial role in society and we need everyone’s roles in order to be functional as one unit. Thank you to all of you guys for doing what you do with so much love, dedication and hard work. Appreciate all of you!! Sending love and light to all out there! ❤️🌸🙏🏼😌

Lots of love,


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