The Esssence of Buddha by Ryuho Okawa.

Picked up this book at MPH and can’t help but share one very relatable topic from this book. This book depicts Buddha’s life and journey to enlightenment. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to read this; the knowledge imparted in this book is something anyone can relate to depending on how you perceive it. I am sharing about Chapter 8: The Confrontation with Evil Within. In this chapter, Buddha was meditating under a large pipal tree. As he tried focusing on a single thought with his eyes closed, he couldn’t help it that one thought kept appearing in his mind repeatedly how much he tried to deflect it. It was the thought of his family whom he had abandoned upon his journey to enlightenment. The devil’s voice then appeared in his head saying that he should feel bad about leaving his family, that he wasted 6 years of his life in search of enlightenment and that he will never reach it for he’s just an ordinary person. That he has forgotten to fulfill the basic duties of a person. That he is supposed to have a wife, have children, raise a family and live happily with them. That he must return to his family and see them overjoyed at his return, that is true enlightenment. With much mindfulness, he realised something was wrong with this voice. It wasn’t the devil. It was a voice in his own mind and it fed on his deepest attachments-his family, trying to sway him off his path. Likewise, evil thoughts that appear in our mind usually arise from our deepest obsessions, weakness and attachments. Like obsession of what people will think, conforming to rules of society coz we ‘don’t want to let anyone down’& neglecting carving your own path, possessiveness, insecurities, expecting/forcing someone to change or do things your way, etc. All these cause suffering. True peace of mind is achieved by letting go of these attachments. Evil thoughts use your softest spots to manipulate your mind. When we allow our thoughts to roam and are not conscious about it, that’s when our attachments rule our lives. Conscious thoughts bring about conscious action and behaviour❤️😌

Lots of love,


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