Gratitude in Prayer❤️

I am someone who believes in God. That there is a higher power not governing or controlling us, but rather guiding us along the way. I have an altar at home where I pray every morning before I go to work and at night before I sleep. I go to the temple to pray occasionally whenever I liked. It was only about 2 years back that I felt I was just doing it as a part of a ‘routine’ and it felt like a ‘religious obligation’ and nothing more. Despite praying, I still felt something was lacking and it just felt incomplete. I didn’t know what it was and was on the quest to find out.

After much reading on gratitude, mindfulness and the law of attraction, one day I came across this Bible verse online:

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

-Mark 11:24-

A light bulb suddenly clicked in my head.

All I did after that was change there way I pray. Instead of pleading and asking God for the things that I want, I now give thanks for the things that I want but have YET to receive. I give thanks for the beautiful day in the morning itself although the day has just started because I am affirming it will be a beautiful day. When you give thanks with much faith and conviction to what you have yet to receive, the Universe will give it to you willingly.

When I start my car engine, I give thanks for a safe journey, smooth traffic, lovely weather, kind and courteous drivers on the road and I say “God please send to everyone who crosses my path today love and light. Keep everyone safe from any harm or danger. Help me shower everyone with love the same way You shower me with Your love.” I assure you if you do this consistently, you’ll end up having the happiest journey to your destination, no matter how mad the traffic is, no matter how heavy the rain is etc, nothing will shake you. This is not only gratitude in prayer but mindfulness as well. You are giving your focus on yourself and your driving whilst blessing everyone along your way. You will start noticing small little things, like a kind driver allowing you to cut him and you will end up being grateful for that without taking it for granted.

“What separates privilege from entitlement is GRATITUDE.”

Ever since then, I have replaced all my fears and worries with FAITH. Eg. When my daughter is not feeling well, instead of worrying (worrying of the worse outcomes is basically you attracting those things) that she might get worse, I pray “Thank you God for healing her. Thank you for keeping her strong and active. She is happy and eating well. She is healed.” Because that is exactly what I want. In no time, she is healed. And a very important point here is that, when I pray for the outcome that I want which is my daughter being healed, I do not rush it. I just pray, make sure to also do my best in treating her and leave it to God and go about my normal daily routine. Being anxious in prayer never helped me get the outcome I want. This applies to anything, business, relationship, personal development, healing, etc.

Faith and worry cannot co-exist. If you have fear, you simply have no faith in God’s intentions. There is no such thing as “If God loves you He should not put you through suffering and hardship”. Strength comes from the struggles and hardship you did not give up on. Let’s take a step back and see it from a different perspective. If my parents were not hard on me during my teenage years considering how rebellious I was, if they gave me all I ever wanted without me working for it, if they did not teach me to be independent, I would not be who I am today. If my consultants and my seniors were not hard on me during my internship, I also would not be the doctor that I am today. If my life was only a bed of roses, I wouldn’t appreciate how beautiful roses are because I’ve not seen the ugly side. To appreciate good, we must have seen bad.

God never puts you or your loved ones through something to defeat you. Only He sees the ending and the outcome and because He knows you’re capable of overcoming it and coming out stronger, He puts you to the challenge. You on the other hand, only see the beginning. Have faith in the unforeseen and you’re already halfway there.

Another thing I have read was, believing in God and having faith in God are 2 different things. Believing in God simply means you believe that He exists and you do the necessary rituals and religious obligations to conform to that belief. Having faith in God means not only you believe that He exists but you have faith in His plans and intentions and believe that everything He does is in your favour + abiding to good virtues on a DAILY BASIS. If one just prays when ‘it’s time to pray’ and later gossips, cheats, judges others and spreads rumours, one does not have faith in God. They’re just praying as a ritual or obligation, not for themselves.

Since everything begins with self, I have learnt that one cannot conquer life if you’ve not conquered yourself. Once I realised this, I invested more time in myself and prayed from within-anywhere, any time, I give thanks. I do not wait for a certain day of the week to pray nor do I pray only when I need something. Believe it or not, more things manifested in my life just by changing the way I pray and being aware of my purpose. Give thanks, don’t beg. Now I know what was deficient in my prayers all these while. Gratitude. When you give thanks, you affirm what you pray for. And the more you are grateful for, the more faith and joy will develop in you.

Some have asked me what if I give thanks with much faith and conviction and visualise the outcome that I want but don’t receive it? Or when will I receive it? The key here is to be patient, the moment you start questioning and rush things, it is equivalent to being anxious and fearing the outcome. And as I said earlier, fear and faith cannot coexist. If say you have prayed without questioning, have done your best in your circumstances, and left it in God’s hands, and the outcome is different, to me, I see it as a blessing in disguise. Detours and roadblocks are meant to:

1) lead you to better places


2) strengthen you/ learn a lesson

So even if I have given thanks in the morning for the beautiful day, and something unexpected happens during my day, it boils down to either one of the above. Don’t overthink. It’s either this or that. Never have I once questioned that my prayer “didn’t work”. Also to understand that one can’t pray for things to happen without putting the necessary hard work to achieve it. I mean we obviously can’t expect to sit on a couch and pray for a million dollars to fall on our lap, can we? Putting in your best in your capabilities to achieve something is great, but coupled with gratitude in prayer, works wonders!🌟🌟🌟

Through this experience and mastery, I now know what it means and feels like to seek God within. It’s a feeling I cannot describe. My fears vanished, I live in the present, I don’t overthink, I have never felt more protected, overjoyed, stronger and at peace all at once.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I respect everyone regardless of whether you believe in God or you are an atheist. This is something that everyone can practice because it just boils down to these few things regardless of what religious background you come from:

1) Gratitude

2) Affirmations

3) Mindfulness

4) Visualisations

Hope for inner peace for each and everyone one of you! One Love!


Lots of love,


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