My Holy Grails.

Many of you have asked about the books that I’ve read and finally here’s a list of the 1st 8 books I’ve read that have changed me for the better. Reading indeed played an important role in changing the way I think, thus having a more positive outlook on life in every aspect. Listed below are in which book I read first to the last being my current read:

1) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

-A gift from my mum. First read it when I was undergoing a challenging time with my 2nd miscarriage. First learnt about visualisations, gratitude and affirmations. This book is THE BOOK that indeed changed my life. Cultivated the art of reading only in Jan 2017.


2) Essence of Buddha: The Path to Enlightenment. -Came across this book randomly at MPH. For some reason I was drawn to this particular book and I’m glad I picked it up. Basically Buddha’s teachings, cultivating inner peace and how to keep evolving.


3&4) Many Masters, Many Lives & Only Love is Real, both by Dr Brian Weiss.

– Recommended by a dear friend at the perfect time when I needed it the most (do check out my story in my highlight under ‘Blessings’ if you missed it last time). Based on real-life events. Speaks about reincarnation, that we are all immortal and our soul lives on. We are all so fearful that we have limited time in this world, fearful of aging,death,illness,loved ones leaving us, fearful of so many things that we end up not living in the present. I have understood that our soul lives on from the physical world to the the spiritual world, that death is just another phase like birth. And loved ones will be reincarnated back in groups, that they never actually leave us. Also we are constantly trying to run away from our problems thinking we can dodge it. Truth is what we don’t settle in our current lives will be brought on into our next lives and so on. With all these said and done, my fears vanished, and I became a more accountable person because this book reminds me to be my best in my current life so I can have a much better life ahead.


5) Let go now: embracing detachment by Karen Casey.

– About The Art of Detachment. On how to detach yourself from difficult situations, people and circumstances. We are all so enmeshed in our everyday lives that we all act on ‘autopilot’ mode. Whenever someone angers us, we act out of anger. Whenever someone cheats us, we feel revengeful. That is because we have not mastered the art of being physically present but detached from the situation. Basically how not to let external things affect your inner peace. Highly recommended!


6&7) Miracle of Mindfulness & Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh.

– everything you need to know about Mindfulness! On how to control emotions and anger. How to live and be in the present and not worry about the past and future.


8) The Power by Rhonda Byrne.

-Current read! About the Law of Attraction & Gratitude and giving out nothing but love. Have not finished the book yet but it has already impacted me in many ways!




All these 8 books are very unique in their own way and seriously came to me at the right time in sequence. They all play different roles in my life and cover different topics which are all equally essential to me. Hope they are to you guys as well! Happy reading!!!

P/S: What’s your current read/ favourite book(s)? I’d love to know in the comment section below!🌸💕

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