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Tummy tuckers 2.0

Guess we’ve all heard of under-eye concealers, but this post is all about ‘tummy-concealers’😏

First blogged about this 3 years ago after I delivered my first child (Do check out the blog post titled ‘Tummy Tuckers 1.0’) and I thought I’d do a lil continuation this time around.

I know the most effective way to flatten the tummy is through exercise (there are no short cuts!) and eating healthy(I repeat- eating healthy. Not dieting and starving yourself!). I am the worst when it comes to exercise as I have the worst discipline and determination to workout. Also I think when it comes to workout, I have this mentality where I feel I can still ‘make do without exercise’ and just conceal the tummy instead!😝 (note: Do not follow my footsteps when it comes to this lol! Exercise is good for your health and I hope one day I will bring myself to workout for the sake of my health and not just to flatten my tummy!).

Also since working out on the tummy takes time and is not an overnight process (for those who are working on it), this post is mainly to help you with some easy fashion-related quick-fixes!

👆🏼This pic is taken 1 month exactly after my delivery (P/S: Breastfeeding also helps in contracting your uterus). Thanks to ‘postpartum tummy-control briefs’ which I came across on Shopee app. This really does the trick in cinching the waist! Also in this pic I wore high-waisted pants where the waist band sits right on your waist and cinches it further. And on top of that I wore a black ribbed(stretchable jersey type) top where the stretchy material hugs you in all the right places and the colour black of course is slimming too! Also as you can notice, the top is slightly longer and ends just at the hips coz that elongates my body and sorts of just masks the whole tummy area.

Got these from Shopee (can’t seem to add the link for this so here’s a snapshot below)

And the link for this 👇🏼 is:

They are so inexpensive and affordable that most of it are within RM5-RM15 and good quality too. Well, as long as it is comfortable and does the trick!

Also here are some tips on what I’ve worn in the past which helps to conceal the tummy:

1) Peplum skirts and tops definitely!!! 👆🏼Peplum top with an added thin waist belt.

2) Shift dress with waist belt👇🏼3) Belted tops!4)Cowl neck blouses with added thin waist belt over a bodycon Pencil Skirt

5) Oversized shirt with pencil skirt

6) Love this jumpsuit which is slightly baggy at the waist which you can also accentuate by adding a thick waist belt7) Straight-cut shift dress8) Oversized Baby-doll top with pencil skirt 9) Baggy asymmetric top with cold-shoulder+ skinny jeans 10) High-waisted Jeans/ pants with or without waist belt11) 👇🏼This look is similar to the first pic of this post (the black top and white pants) whereby the black stretchy top conceals the tummy and the white skirt widens the hips, therefore accentuating your silhouette.

Hope this helps ladies! Have fun with fashion and styling! There are really many styles you can play around with so go on experimenting! I promise you after a while you’ll get the hang of it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Much love,


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