Driving Force behind Evil Eyes/ Jinx/ Bad Luck

I’ve been getting many requests to do a video on this as this is a very prevalent belief and many people fall into this trap by fear. Hope this video reassures you and makes you feel light.❤️


Evil eyes-What causes evil eyes is due to this fear-driven belief being stuck in your mind causing you to “anticipate” evil eyes or people with negative intentions. For all you know no one has any negative intentions towards you and no one even has the intention to casts evil eyes onto you, but because that’s what’s occupying your mind every single time someone says something nice or when you post up a nice pic of yourself or your family, the untrained mind immediately directs you towards the evil eyes belief in your subconscious mind. Therefore you perceive everything and everyone negatively thinking people are out there to get you but it’s all just in your mind. As long as this negative belief is not removed, you keep attracting people with negative intentions. What you fear, you attract.

Bad luck- There’s no such thing as bad luck. What you perceive as “bad” someone else may perceive as good. So again it all depends on your mind and how you perceive things. If you keep labelling everything unfortunate as “bad”, then that’s exactly what you’re going to keep seeing and what you’re going to attract more of. Because you have already trained your mind to look for the “bad” in everything. Your mind is already used to labelling every unfortunate event as “bad”. But, in the same unfortunate scenario, an optimistic and grateful person may embrace it instead of resisting, and label it as a “good” thing because he/she sees lessons and not problems. When your mind is constantly focused on problems then that’s what you attract. When you are focused on blessings then that’s what you also attract.

Jinx- When you refrain yourself from speaking with joy about something you want to achieve, you are vibrating on the low frequency of fear. Not wanting to tell people everything is fine provided if you’re intuitively guided not to announce. But if you avoid yourself from expressing or telling about your plans and goals out of FEAR that you might jinx it and people might cast evil eyes on you out of jealousy, then that’s what you will attract because of your negative energy (fear is a low vibrational negative energy). It’s not the evil eyes or jinx that’s causing negative circumstances in your life but rather the fact that you anticipated and constantly worried about it. So when you’re intuitively guided to speak about something with joy and share with others, do it. And then whenever the fear crops up revolving around this negative evil eyes/jinx belief, challenge yourself to stand up for yourself and to prove that belief wrong. Only then can you break the negative cycle and start a new positive cycle. Nothing can touch you unless you fear it because evil thrives on fear.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and this write up! Have a great week ahead! Love and light to all!!❤️



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